Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital

Surgical procedures can be understandably intimidating, but they can also be tremendous beneficial, not just for us humans, but also for our pets. Your pet can enjoy a longer, healthier life thanks to the surgical techniques that we provide here at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital in Bossier City. Let's take a moment to look the fascinating and varied world of veterinary surgery, and how this form of care can help your four-legged friend.


Surgical Procedures for Diagnosis, Preventative Care, and Treatment

Surgery may be performed for a number of different reasons. In some cases, our vet team recommends immediate surgery to cope with an emergency illness or injury. In others, we schedule surgery as a more routine procedure to deal with non-urgent problems that nonetheless requires this type of treatment. Surgery can even be administered as a preventative technique to spare your pet from certain health risks. General examples of pet surgery include:

  • Preventative surgery - Spay and neuter surgery is a classic example of preventative pet surgery. In addition to making conception impossible, the removal of the reproductive organs also drastically reduces your pet's risks for serious reproductive diseases.
  • Diagnostic surgery - Sometimes it's advisable to perform surgery as an aid to diagnosis. For instance, removal of suspicious samples for biopsy can help to confirm a cancer diagnosis. Exploratory surgery can give us a direct view of an internal disorder.
  • Treatment - When some part of your pet needs to be removed or repaired, surgery is often the easiest and most effective answer. Your pet might need surgery to un-twist a bloated stomach, remove a urinary stone or swallowed object, seal a wound, or repair damaged internal organs. Dental surgery to extract a diseased tooth is also a common procedure.

Our Bossier City Veterinarian Offers Skilled, Caring Attention

Any pet surgery should be taken seriously, which is why we proceed with such care and expertise here at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital. Rest assured that our veterinarians, Dr. Dupree and Dr. Meier, will administer any necessary pre-operative tests and provide counseling to prepare you and your pet for the procedure. We always deliver anesthesia with caution and provide post-operative pets (and their owners) with everything necessary to help ensure a normal recuperation.

Rely on Us for Pet Surgery

The next time your animal friend needs even the most routine form of pet surgery, trust the experts at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital. Call your Bossier City veterinarian at 318-742-5353!


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