Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care from a Bossier City Veterinarian

With your pet's regular health wellness checks, your pet should also undergo dental exams and cleanings.  Your pet's mouth is vital to overall health and dental care should not be ignored.  Animal hospitals, such as Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital, can perform routine dental checks to assess your pet's teeth and gums and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

Pet Dental Care

Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Pets use their teeth and mouth for a number of activities aside from simply eating.  Without hands, pets use their mouth to grab and hold on to items.  The mouth is also used for grooming and communication.  A problem or disease in the mouth is far more debilitating in a cat or dog than in a human.  Cuts, abscesses, or broken teeth in animals create a perfect site to allow dangerous bacteria to enter the body through the blood stream.  Further, diseased teeth or gingivitis can quickly spread throughout the mouth possibly damaging other teeth and can ultimately lead to tooth loss.  By undergoing regular pet dental cleanings many problems can be avoided or treated before they get dangerously out of hand.

What to Expect

Your pet will need to go under light anesthetic for your veterinarian to properly examine and clean his teeth.  This is necessary to not only protect your pet and the veterinarian, but to ensure your pet is able to get a thorough and proper cleaning that is unhindered.  Your veterinarian will fully examine not only your pet’s teeth, but the soft tissue and gums that surround his teeth.  Any plaque or built up food debris will be removed, along with broken or diseased teeth.

How a Veterinarian Can Help

A veterinarian will be able to fully examine your pet's mouth and make sure nothing troublesome can present future problems for your cat or dog.  With regular dental exams your vet will be able to take note of any drastic changes that can impact your pet's overall health.  Further, in between cleanings, your veterinarian can offer suggestions for at home care to help keep your pet's teeth in the best shape possible.  There are many available chews for dogs that can help clean in and around the teeth.  Additives can also be added to your cat or dog's food and water to help coat, clean, and protect teeth between cleanings.  Speaking with your vet is the best way to determine what at home care is best.

Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean with Pet Dental

At Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital we want your pet to be as healthy as possible.  Good overall health is not achievable without paying attention to your pet's dental health.  Regular cleanings and examinations are necessary to keep your pet in great shape.  If you are looking for a Bossier City veterinarian to help with your pet's dental examination our team of professionals is a great choice.  Caring, knowledgeable and centrally located, our office is easy to find at 1801 Jimmie Davis Hwy, Bossier City, LA 71112.  To schedule an appointment call us today at (318) 742-5353.

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