Pet Urgent Care

Pets don't have accidents or illnesses on a set schedule that is convenient for normal operating hours of veterinary clinics. In these urgent situations, Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital in Bossier City is here to help your pet in their time of greatest need.


What is a Pet Emergency?

Medical emergency pet services encompass a wide range of problems that include trauma, the sudden onset of illness, and finding a stray animal that needs help. A few symptoms that can be particularly concerning to see in your pets are an inability to walk normally, a lack of balance, persistent vomiting or diarrhea, shaking or shivering, very low or very high temperatures, pale gums, high respiratory rates, open and bleeding wounds, and major injuries.

What to Do in an Animal Emergency

You need to safely and securely load your pet into a carrier or get them into your car in preparation for the trip to the emergency vet for pet services. If you have samples of any stool, vomit, or other relevant bodily fluids, bag them in a plastic baggie with a closing top and bring it with you. If you haven't been to the emergency vet hospital before, you'll want to bring a copy of your pet's medical records, as their normal vet may not be open during an emergency. You may need another person in the household to help you lift larger animals if they're unable to walk on their own. If possible, call our veterinary hospital on your way in so we can prepare for your arrival.

Why You Need to Act Quickly for Pet Services 

It's sometimes difficult to assess whether your pet needs emergency veterinary services. Outside of acute illness or traumatic injury, determining whether to bring them in immediately takes a bit of observation. Is your pet eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing normally? Do they seem like they're in distress? Has their behavior suddenly changed in an unexpected and unexplained way? Are they withdrawing or trying to hide from you when they're normally outgoing? It's better to be safe than sorry whenever possible, so if there's a question of whether they need to be seen immediately, it's usually best to bring them in if you're concerned.

You don't want your furry friend to be in pain or suffering from a sudden illness, and some emergencies need time-sensitive treatment. Our doors at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital in Bossier City are open for your pet emergencies. Call us today to find out more or bring your furry friend in if you’re concerned about their health.

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