Pet Wellness Exam

Pet exams are an essential aspect of vet care. An annual wellness exam can help keep your furry friends healthy at every stage of their lives. Our Bossier City veterinarian can detect early warning signs of health conditions during a pet exam, enabling your dog or cat to get immediate treatment. Early detection and treatment of contagious diseases could save your pet’s life. Don’t take chances with the health and wellness of your pets. Bring them to Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital in Bossier City for a comprehensive wellness exam.

Pet Wellness Exam

Services Provided in a Wellness Exam

At Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital, your pets’ wellness exam will begin with a review of their medical history to give us a clear picture of past illnesses and treatments. We’ll track your pets’ temperature, pulse, and respiration and record their weight. From there, our veterinarian will inspect your pets from head to tail to uncover signs of sickness or disease. We’ll check your pets’ eyes, nose, mouth, and ears for infections or health issues. We’ll listen to your pets’ heart and lungs for abnormalities and check their muscles and joints for signs of arthritis.

Skin Problems

When animals have medical conditions, symptoms will often show up on their skin. Skin rashes, irritations, and infections, for example, are often symptoms of allergies. If your pets are suffering from skin problems, we’ll perform tests to uncover the source of their irritation and recommend treatment.

Dental Care

Dental exams can be scheduled at the same time as your wellness exam. We’ll examine your pets’ teeth and gums for signs of dental problems or gum disease. If your pets need a cleaning or dental surgery, we can schedule a separate visit to take care of their dental needs.


If your pets are due for vaccinations, our Bossier City veterinarian can have these done during a wellness exam. By staying on top of your pets’ vaccinations, you can protect their health and avoid the spread of contagious diseases.

Parasite Control

We’ll perform annual parasite testing during your pet exam to ensure your pets are free of heartworm and other parasites that carry diseases. We’ll also recommend parasite control medications that will keep your pets pest-free all year round.  

See Your Bossier City Vet for a Pet Exam

Through wellness exams, your vet can take preventative measures to protect your pets’ health. Routine vet care can enhance the quality of your pets’ life by keeping them healthier over the years. To schedule a wellness exam for your kit or pup, contact our Bossier City vet at Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital by calling 318-742-5353 today. We’re here to meet all your vet care needs.

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