Whether the veterinarian prescribes medicine to your pet or recommends a treatment, you can get it from our pet pharmacy at Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital in Bossier City, LA. By offering the convenience of a pharmacy, you can save on medications, flea and tick prevention, and more. Additionally, with our online pharmacy option, you can order your pet's medications from anywhere and have them delivered to your home, freeing you from unnecessary trips to our animal hospital if your pet runs out of medicine or specialty food.

Why You Need a Reliable Pet Pharmacy

While you might be able to get some pet products over the counter at pet stores, you won't be able to find everything. Our pet pharmacy has medications that often come in more potent formulas than those you can find at pet stores. For instance, you may not be able to go to a pet store and get Advantage flea and tick prevention, but you can find this product and others like it through our pharmacy.

Plus, if you use our online pet pharmacy, you can feel confident in the quality of the products that you receive. Not all sites on the Internet are trustworthy sources for pet medications or foods. Even if you find something cheaper elsewhere, you cannot know if the product is genuine. If you order through us, though, you can know that you are giving your pet the brand name products that will help it to maintain its health.

Beyond Pet Medicine

While you can get prescriptions for pet medicine that one of our veterinarians gives to your cat or dog, you can also find other products through our pharmacy. One example is specialty pet food. For cats or dogs that have dietary restrictions based on their health conditions, finding pet food to satisfy their needs can be difficult. However, you can order foods for pets with urinary tract issues, hairballs, dental needs, kidney problems, and more through our pharmacy.

Save with Our Online Pet Pharmacy

For regular medications or food, your pet will need frequent refills. By choosing our online pharmacy's AutoShip option, you won't have to worry about forgetting to reorder each month. And, this option comes with free shipping straight to your home.

Make an Appointment for Your Pet to Get Prescriptions or a Checkup

If your pet has a health condition, you may need to bring it in for an evaluation before the veterinarian can prescribe medicine for it. Also, some pets that take regular medications may need checkups for the vet to see how well they respond to the medicine. Whether your pet takes medications now or you just need routine care, schedule an appointment with us at Jimmie Davies Highway Animal Hospital in Bossier City, LA. You can phone our animal hospital at 318-742-5353 to set up your pet’s visit or to ask questions about our pet pharmacy. We're looking forward to helping you to keep your pet healthy with our stellar pet care and online pharmacy.

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