Pet Dermatology

Many pets suffer from skin irritation and rash. Pet owners may not realize that although this is sometimes related to a flea problem, it may not necessarily be. Pet dermatology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the skin. Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital is a Bossier City veterinarian that can assist with treating your fur baby's skin issues. 


How to Determine if Your Pet Has a Dermatological Disorder

A veterinarian specializing in pet dermatology will have rigorous training and experience in knowing how to spot a skin problem. Our veterinarians, Dr. James Meier and Dr. Gary Dupree, are board-certified and have the knowledge to assist with skin disorders. Problems we treat include:

  • Bacterial skin infections - These types of infections can be surface, superficial, or deep. Pets with these types of infections are those with staph infections, hot spots, impetigo, hair follicle issues, or cellulitis. 
  • Fungal infections - Fungi live in the air, water, soil, plants, and in the body. Your pet can pick up a fungal infection just about anywhere. This category would include yeast infections which are very common in dogs and cats.
  • Parasitic skin diseases - Mites are a common parasitic problem in dogs. These pests can result in other problems as well, such as secondary bacterial infections. 
  • Allergies - Any type of allergy, whether it be to food, environmental factors, or fleas, can cause irritation and rashes on the skin.
  • Autoimmune diseases – Sometimes an animal’s own immune system attacks itself. Autoimmune diseases can cause skin problems.
  • Alopecia - Pets with this condition will have areas of baldness.
  • Keratinization - A disorder where the cytoplasm of the skin is replaced by keratine. This can be a primary diagnosis that is inherited and can include acne in cats.
  • Psychological skin conditions occur due to fear, anxiety, or trauma.
  • A nutrition based skin irritation can become a problem when certain vitamins or minerals are missing from a pet's diet.


The first step in treating a skin disorder is diagnosis. Our veterinarians will do the following to find out exactly what the problem is:

  • Take a full history of your pet as well as performing a physical and dermatological exam. 
  • Scrapings, biopsies, tissue sample evaluations, and other tests will be done. 
  • Once a diagnosis is made, the doctor will create a plan of treatment. This may be ointments, medications, special baths or diets, and/or therapy.

Just like people, our pets have individual needs. What works in one pet, may not work in another. Sometimes skin conditions can take trial and error testing to find what works best.

If you are looking for a Bossier City veterinarian, Jimmie Davis Highway Animal Hospital is the right choice. Our compassionate staff is ready to help with your pet's skin rash or irritation. Call us today: (318) 742-5353. 

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