The process of microchipping a cat or dog is relatively easy and painless for the pet. This procedure can be conducted at Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital in Bossier City by our skilled veterinary team. Our practice is available for routine checkups, emergency services, and preventative actions such as microchipping a pet. Read on to learn how the procedure can help your pet, how information is collected, and what happens during a microchipping appointment.


How Microchipping Helps Pets

If you have your pet microchipped, a small implant is placed in your pet's body. This chip will hold identification information. If the pet becomes lost and is found and brought to a facility with a microchip reader, you will be reunited with your pet without incident. This process also takes the guesswork in determining the rightful owner of a found pet if there is a discrepancy to deal with. If your pet is prone to running away from home, if you plan on traveling, or if you simply want the peace of mind that your pet is protected should it become separated from you, then microchipping is an option to consider.

How Information Is Collected

When you decide to microchip your pet, our veterinary team will require you to fill out some paperwork about your identifying information. This includes your full name, address, and phone number. Your pet will be presented with a unique identification number which is linked to the information you provide. All of this data is input into a database that is accessible by a veterinarian or humane society worker. It is also transferred onto the chip that will be placed into your pet. If your pet is lost and then found, someone with a chip reader will obtain the identification number that leads to your information so you are alerted that your pet is safe.

What Happens During the Implanting Procedure

The process of microchipping a pet only takes a few seconds to perform. Once the information is uploaded and the unique identification number for your pet is documented, our vet will place the chip underneath several layers of your pet's skin. It will remain in this place without causing your pet distress. The area between the shoulder blades is often the resting place for a microchip as it cannot be accessed by a pet's mouth, nails, or claws easily. The implant is inserted using a thin, long needle, much like the type used for routine immunizations.

Microchipping Pet Services in Bossier City

If you are interested in microchipping your dog or cat for their safety, contact Jimmie Davis Animal Hospital in Bossier City to make an appointment with our veterinary team. In addition, we handle routine wellness exams and emergency services. Reach out to us today at (318) 742-5353.

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